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For each stage of a customer's journey with your brand, there's a perfect video to satisfy their hunger, and connect them more with  your products and services.

If you don't see what your business is hungry for, then call the chef.  Chances are, you can order off-menu and get exactly what you want.  MMM-MMM, DELICIOUS!

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Your Video Chef: Scott Markowitz


Best served during The Discovery Phase of your client's journey.

The 80% Video

Employee Bio Videos for Email Signatures

Product and Services Video

Cost and Pricing Video

"Claims We make" Video

FAQ Videos

Sizzle Is In The Steak!

Scott's Editing Demo Reel

This is an example of a Value Added video.


Specifically, it's a "Sizzle" reel, which is designed to showcase your company's very best work.

When done well, a sizzle reel is super specific to your industry, and leaves no doubt that your company is outstanding and will successfully accomplish what they say they can.

Sizzle reels must be tailor-made for every single use case.  A sizzle reel for a divorce attorney should be nothing like a sizzle reel for a media professional, for example.


So, if your current sizzle reel is following a generic formula, then I already know it has been disappointingly ineffective.

In this case, anybody who is looking for a highly-skilled TV/Film and Commercial editor will see that Scott Markowitz can tackle even the most demanding video editing jobs.


Web Series Promo

This is an example of a Culture-Based Video.

Does your brand need its own web series?  If so, let's talk about your strategy for maximizing viewers. 


Content strategy is probably the most valuable service we offer at Ryan & Scott Media.


Even if we don't end up producing your videos, you will have a solid plan for what to say and when to say it.


In this example, R&S Media was responsible for this promo's film editing and sound design layout.


Man of The Year

This is another example of a Value Added Video- because some stories are just worth being told. 


When the National Football League needed to tell the story of their most prestigious award, my number was called to get the editing job done.

Ryan & Scott Media did the film editing, color grading, sound design, and final mix.


Earn It Act

This is an example of a Think Outside the Inbox Video.


When the National Center on Sexual Exploitation needed to craft a message to cut through an avalanche of political noise, they had to think a little differently.


I had the honor of working with NCOSE to help raise awareness about the need for new legal measures to safeguard the most vulnerable members of our population.

Ryan & Scott Media is passionate about partnering with people/organizations that have a desire to make the world a better place. We are devoted to doing our part in this mission.

Shadow Day

This video ticks off two boxes at the same time.


It's both a Think Outside the Inbox Video because it doesn't directly promote the CBIA.  It's also a Value Added Video because viewers deepen their view of what the CBIA does in their community, and they learn how they can also make Naples better.


The Collier Building Industry Association does amazing work to help underserved students by creating events to introduce them to an entire world of opportunity that they had never known before.


Bake Your Own Granola

This is an extreme example of an FAQ Video.


The question potential customers are seeking to answer is, "How do I make my own granola at home?"


When Dr. Granola® wanted to share his recipe for better health and a better life, we were there to help him spread the toasty, crunchy love. 


Position yourself as an authority in the industry by addressing any questions a potential customer may have. This will ensure that you are at the forefront of their minds when they make a purchase decision.


Oh, and ask us how we helped bring Dinner:Impossible to the Food Network to usher in a new era of programming for that popular cable network.

Our videos are always delicious! 


3D Abstract Art

This is a unique version of our Objection Handler Videos.


Art collectors often have trouble envisioning 3D art inside their home.  Without seeing an art piece in context to real-world environments will often leave them assuming that the piece will not fit onto their wall.


This video answers that objection in a clever way by showing it being crafted.  Anytime you can educate a customer while entertaining them, it's a giant win for you and your brand.


FIFA Sizzle Reel

How about a Testimonial Video for an entire city?

My extensive TV, Film, and Advertising experience made me the right person to edit this project that had the goal of bringing a major sports tournament to Philadelphia. Everyone in the city stood to benefit from it and I was trusted with creating an engaging video pitch for FIFA.

Guess what?  Philadelphia won the bid!  This will bring millions of dollars to the city and the businesses who make Philly their home.


If You Don't Win,
Then We Don't Win.

This is an example of our 80% Video.  It's designed to be a resource that communicates the top products or services accounting for the top 80% of your business.

Similar to a sizzle reel, this is more informative, and leaves out the hype.  Sizzle Reels are good at marketing.  80% videos become a more powerful tool for sales people who don't have time to explain the same things over and over.


In this example, an accomplished personal injury attorney was ready to launch her own practice in Naples, FL.  This video became the anthem for who she is, what she stands for, and who she's committed to serving.


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