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15 in 10

Businesses struggle making their own video content for social media posts.  That's why we have made it easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy for any business to generate great video content on a regular schedule with minimal effort.

15 in 10 is an hour-long interview on camera.  Then ten days later, you will have fifteen short videos delivered to you for posting and circulating into your social media calendar.

It's fun and easy.  If you can talk to a client about your business, then you can ROCK a 15 in 10 session.

You get 15 short videos for only an hour of your time!

Show Off How Awesome You Are.

Sarrett Price Got 15 in 10.

Video creation is not what your business is good at.  One thing you are good at, however, is explaining the benefits of what you do, how you do it, and why it's important to you.  15 in 10 is a service that lets you explain your business the way that's natural- like when you talk to real potential customers and clients.

HR by Karen Got 15 in 10.

She Gets it!

Keeping your brand top-of-mind with social media can be fun and easy with 15 in 10.

People will love your short videos because you will be providing them with valuable content that informs, educates, and/or entertains.

15 in 10 fills your social media calendar.

Taryn Cafiero is a Realtor

When you have messaging that you often have to repeat to potential new clients, then 15 in 10 can be a big relief.

If there's instructions or teachings that are often repeated, then it's 15 in 10 to the rescue again!

15 in 10:

Illuminated Design Got it!

When your goal is to become the brand identified with your industry, then social media content becomes essential to success.

Get it done the best way possible: 15 in 10.

Our Clients Say

Jeff Feldman, Realtor

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15 in10 is a service we provide for businesses in Southwest Florida.

If you'd like to begin making powerful video content without having to learn anything about video production, and without breaking the bank, please take a moment to fill out the form.


If you don't want to wait,

give us a call now at (239) 529-8743

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