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It's Not Easy Making a Successful YouTube Channel

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

I'm like the cobbler who has barefoot children. In my business, I help many other small to medium-sized companies generate marketing content. I'm so busy doing it for others, however, that I have precious little time to create marketing material for my own business.

So, what is the best bang for the buck in marketing your business? Video, of course. For my company, that makes videos and photo content, video is doubly the best way to go.

The problem is that it's simply not easy making a successful YouTube Channel. If you've ever opened the publishing panel on YouTube, you know how overwhelming it can be.

Here is an outline for how I'm going to start my own YouTube Channel. At the end of the article, you'll see an example of a video I've done for a company who is just starting their own YouTube Channel project, and how I've got them off to a strong start.

Define Your Channel's Niche And Choose Your Channel's Topic

The most important thing to nail down at the beginning of the process is your channel's topic. Keep the following into consideration.

  • What are our potential customers are interested in?

  • Delivering answers to your audience's questions will be the easiest way to gain their trust

  • Key in on the topic that most overlaps your customers questions with your ability to answer their questions

Research Your Competition

If your competition already have a YouTube Channel, study their approach. In order to make your channel unique, always work hard to make your content authentic to you, your brand, and your vantage point. Don't be afraid to do things differently. In fact, aim to be as different as possible in your delivery, so long as you stay on topic.

Create a YouTube Channel

Get expert help on making your channel look professional. Consider hiring a designer to make sure your channel looks polished, because first impressions are everything.

When a YouTube search lands someone onto your channel, it's a big win. However, poorly designed graphics and artwork will lead to an immediate bounce away from your channel, and people rarely return after that.

Make sure that the description and keywords line up with your topic and what you plan to deliver with your individual videos.

Things to include in your Channel Setup

  • Professionally shot profile picture

  • Channel Art

  • Description and keywords to help people discover your channel

Create a Channel Trailer

The first video you produce should be a trailer.

The channel trailer has a special spot directly underneath the banner if the channel, and is usually the first thing that new visitors to your channel will watch.

This is a video that clearly defines what your topic is, what people can expect from your channel, and an idea of the channel's tone and personality. Again, a good first impression is critical, so make it count.

Plan Your First Video

I suggest outlining your videos, as opposed to scripting them completely. Following an outline allows for more authentic videos. Unless you're well practiced at reading from a teleprompter, using a script will likely produce a clunky and mechanical delivery.

Be yourself, and follow an outline. Here's the general flow of a great YouTube Video

  • Catchy headline written to hook your audience.

  • Clear and accurate description of what the video is about

  • Very brief description of the channel, and a 3-5 second long channel ID

  • Body of the video

    • It clearly and concisely delivers on the promise of the hook and headline with enough details to answer any of the viewers questions.

    • It's long enough to deliver without going down any tangents

  • Call to Action

    • A clear instruction for what you wish your viewer to do next. It's one request. Maybe two, but never three or more.

      • Send them to your website

      • invite them to subscribe to the channel

      • Ask them to share a link to the video

      • Have them pick up their phone and call you

Record Your Video

This shouldn't scare you. If you're not sure how to perform well on camera, you need only practice in front of a mirror. Still having trouble, consider taking my On-Camera Cure course and go from cold and frightened, to cool and confident.

Use your cell phone to get started. You don't need to have expensive digital cinema equipment. It will simply look much nicer, if you do. 😃

Edit Your Video

It doesn't have to be perfect. You can use iMovie or whatever the Windows equivalent is if you don't have a Mac.

Remember, YouTube is not a broadcast TV station. Your B+ effort is plenty, as long as you have the content that you promise in the title of the video and the headline( or hook) of your video.

Whatever you use, you will improve in your editing the more you do it. Of course, you can give me a call if you would like it professionally edited.

Upload Your Video And Promote Your Channel And

Explain the importance of promoting your video on social media.

  • Offer tips on how to share your video on social media.

Share Your Video On Social Media

The biggest mistake I see other companies make is that they don't share their videos on other social platforms. YouTube will be very happy if they see your video linked on other platforms, and they will reward you by suggesting your video to other new viewers.

Mad bonus points if you can manage to collaborate with other YouTubers.

  • This can rapidly open your videos up to a much larger audience.

So that's really all there is to starting a YouTube Channel and beginning to dominate your market. of course, there's a ton of details you will need to go deeper into. Keep checking back, and I'll help you out with those too.

Here's a channel that would be very interesting to track. I recently just launched the Dr. Granola® YouTube channel from zero. Take a look, and if you like it be sure to subscribe and check the notifications option. I believe that Dr. G will quickly grow because I'm following the above outline.

Are you ready to Craft Your Story, and Watch your Brand Grow? Get in touch.

Scott Markowitz


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